Grace Live-in Carers T/A
Grace 24/7 Care
The Shed
Chester St
Manchester, M1 5GD
01614083816; 07870513925
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Live-in Care
"We schedule appointments, prompt for meds, prepare meals, support with community re-integration."

Live In Carers Duties include:

  1. Alzheimer's' and Dementia care
  2. Making appointments to General Practitioners and all health professionals
  3. Bathing and personal hygiene, dressing, grooming and appearance
  4. Changing and washing bedding
  5. Wake up and tuck in care
  6. Light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation and planning
  7. Companionship and conversation
  8. Holiday companionship
  9. Home safety
  10. Grocery shopping and errands
  11. Medication prompting and reminding
  12. Motion exercises eg walking and mobility assistance, reading to care recipient
  13. Reporting the day to day to the family
  14. Bill payment and writing
  15. Community reintegration eg lunches, bingo, day centres etc

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