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Do you employ your carers?
Yes, we do and we have full public and employers’ liability.
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Is Grace Live In Carers registered with the appropriate bodies / professional associations?
Yes, we are in the process of registering with The Care Quality Commission (CQC). We also intend to become a member of the United Kingdom Home Care Association ( UKHCA).
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What is live-in care?
The carer(s) stay in the clients’ home on a 24-7 basis. They normally provide Full Personal Care and carry out general household duties. The level of care provided varies greatly and is dependent on the individual needs of the client concerned. It can range from general companionship and housekeeping to high dependency where a high level of Intensive Personal Care is required. If you use the services of Grace Live In Carers here really becomes no reason for a move into a Nursing Home!
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What if I don't like the carer?
We try our best to match the carer with each of our clients and at the outset where the client does not like a particular carer we will try other carers until the client is happy. We then keep to two carers per client to minimise disruption and to avoid confusion by the client.
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How much is it likely to cost?
The cost will depend on the level of care that we have been asked to provide, and an individual assessment will be made, free of charge.
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Do your carers require breaks?
Yes, they do and in most cases members of the family, friends and neighbours normally help out in this regard.
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Do your carers cook?
Yes, our carers are there to cook all meals, if required. We provide our carers with a recipe book and they each have their own individual meals they like to cook, and of course they will be happy to cook you your favourite dish too.
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What will I be expected to provide for the carer?
The carer will need their own room, bed and linen and somewhere to hang their clothes. You will also be expected to provide the resources for their meals.

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Who are your carers?
Our care workforce is representative of the diverse needs of our clients and we maintain a strong, consistent base of live in care staff sourced from the UK, Europe, The African Continent and other parts of the World. Our carers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and we have both female and male carers. All our carers all carry an up-to-date Criminal Records Bureau check and are trained in the following areas: Client needs; Moving and Handling; Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, Safer Handling of Medication, Emergency First Aid, Principles of Care, Role of Care worker, Incontinence Care, Basic Infection Control , Abuse Awareness of Vulnerable Adults, to mention but a few.(see training services page)
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What area of the country do you cover?
Whilst we are based in the North West of England, this does not stop us from being able to provide care across the whole of UK and later on during the year we intend to spread out to Canada etc - because we mainly concentrate on live in care, it does not matter where the care takes place, as each carer is on site for usually a minimum of two weeks- four weeks depending on agreement.
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Do you help with the administering of drugs?
Yes, we do and we have a Registered Nurse within our team who is there to guide and train the care staff accordingly.
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What tasks will they complete?
As many or as few as you wish from the following : Household tasks e.g., housework, laundry, cooking, shopping. Errands e.g., collecting pensions, benefits, prescriptions. Administrative help, for example help with form filling, letter writing, phone calls on your behalf. Social help, e.g., trips out, visiting friends, excursions. Companionship, e.g., Conversation, reading, listening, Personal care e.g. Getting up, toileting, bathing, washing, dressing, overseeing medication.

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How soon can you start the care?
We can start the care package once all the necessary procedures have been completed. This does take time and is not something we like to rush. On average we ask that you give us 7 days once the assessment has taken place. We can and have however, in exceptional circumstances, supplied care in shorter periods than this.

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Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes, you do and if you would like to see a copy of this please contact us and we will send you one.
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Is there someone in the office at all times?
The office is manned Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm. Outside of these hours there is always someone on call for emergencies.
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What if I become seriously ill in the middle of the night?
Your carer is fully trained to deal with these emergencies and they know they can call the emergency number if needs be.

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Can I get help with payments?
Some people are entitled to help and we can provide guidance on this, so please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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Will my carer take me out / accompany me on social outings?
Of course, so long as it is safe to do so, our carers will positively encourage you to go out as much as you wish and will be happy to accompany you.
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Where are you located?
We are based in 47 Chorlton St Innospace, M1 3FY, Manchester UK and supply live in carers throughout United Kingdom and later on during the year , Germany, Canada and Austria.

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My question has not been answered!
If you have a question that has not been answered above please feel free to email your question to
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